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Social Crm Software

Social Crm Software

Aiming for companies to establish efficient relations with their customers on social media, Convo Teknoloji provides services with its social crm platform. Companies that acquire this software are able to respond quickly to their customers’ requests. In this way, it is possible to increase the potential of customers. With this software prepared by the company, which has been serving in the software industry for 8 years, it helps to increase work efficiency.

Features of the Prepared Crm Software

Social crm software produced by Convo Teknoloji company can produce personalized content. In this way, it is possible to meet the needs of customers with different requests. Thanks to the use of intelligent design features in the software, it is possible for authorized persons to use the software easily. The software prepared by the expert team can also be integrated with different crm software. In this way, it is possible to finalize transactions more easily. There are also features such as location tracking, intense interaction and timed posts.

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